Dubai; the mere mention of this name is enough to tell us what to expect: an oasis of high-end hotels, world-famous restaurants and frankly bizarre attractions, all this in the middle of the desert. Dubai is not a city to rest on its laurels, the Emirati locomotive constantly going forward (and to the sky), there is always something new to see.

Also, Dubai is a city that offers a huge amount of outdoor activities, sports activities and, as amazing as it may seem, connected with nature. A crossroads between East and West, it embodies the Arab dream and enjoys an ever-growing reputation on the world tourism scene. So what should you do in this most expensive city of the world and where to start when you are in Dubai Tour?

Here’s our guide to the best things to do and visit in Dubai, just to enlighten you a little for the first stay in this surprising City.

1- Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

We’re not introducing her anymore. As a symbol of the observation platforms, Burj Khalifa hosts on its 124th floor “At the Top”: a spectacular point of view, very popular with visitors (think of the skip-the-line ticket to avoid long queues). A true feat of engineering, this tower that gives the impression of piercing the sky has been voted the tallest building in the world (for now) with 828 meters in height (more than 2.5 times the Eiffel Tower). Completed in just six years, it illustrates Dubai’s desire to reach new heights!

2- A Desert Safari

A Desert Safari

Adventurers at heart, look no longer what to do in Dubai during your stay! As the gateway to the desert, the city has a few sports activities to experience along the dunes. By car or camel, enjoy a safari to discover the desert landscapes, dine in the middle of nowhere, sleep under the stars or meet the Bedouins. You can also enjoy a barbecue in the sand or try sandboarding, desert surfing. Take advantage of this moment to enjoy the absolute silence of the desert, facing the sunset. Change of scenery guaranteed!

For more information about a desert safari in Dubai click here

3- Deira, the Old Town

Deira Dubai

What if we start with an authentic and typical imprint, often lurking in the shadows? Direction Deira, the Old City of Dubai. Here, forget the skyscrapers and other traces of modernity: Deira offers you a face with thousands and a scents and flavors! From spice stalls to local specialties, taste the gastronomy of the country while enjoying the bargains of the souk and its joyful hubbub. The Dubai Museum will offer you a cultural break on the history of this small fishing village become the first city of the United Arab Emirates.

4- Gold Market

Gold Market Dubai

Visiting Dubai without going through its riches strictly speaking is so to speak, unthinkable. Beyond hotels, shops, and attractions, the city hosts the largest gold market… in the world! Also in Deira, take advantage of your walk to discover this unique and above all authentic place where enthusiasts, curious, locals and tourists haggle opulence with a commodity oscillating between 18 and 22 carats. This same merchandise which is also scrupulously approved by the State before it goes on sale, so as to authenticate purchases. If gold has the hand put, precious stones, silver but also Diamond have made a place on the stands of the market, dressing it a little more abundance.

5- A Skiing Season

ski in Dubai dessert

Yes, you read correctly: it is possible to ski in Dubai in the middle of the desert. For this, it is necessary to get to Ski Dubai, a covered ski resort in a dome of 4000m2 located inside the vast Mall of the Emirates.

Hosting 5 slopes with different inclinations, Ski Dubai has its own ski school, ski lifts and equipment rental! So why not take a first ski lesson if you are a beginner (admit that it would be unusual)? Lovers of sledding or snowboarding, you can enjoy yourself as if you were there (because in the end, you are not there?). At the end of your session, enjoy a hot chocolate in the bar-cafe of the resort.

6- The Beach and the Burj Al Arab

Beach and the Burj Al Arab

Spend time at the beach next to the Burj Al Arab, one of the most luxurious hotels in the world that was built to look like a sail that stands. Here you can take the famous picture of yourself, standing on the sand, with the skyscraper in the background. From the height of its 321 meters, it has become one of the emblematic symbols of Dubai.

7- Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

If its ski resort is enough to fill the eyes, Dubai Mall reserves much more for its visitors. As the city’s flagship symbol, the mall is the largest in the world. And for good reason, it hosts no less than ten shopping centers in its 1 million m2 or 1200 shops! Among the must-sees and in addition to its luxurious shops, there is the largest aquarium in the world, a 22-room cinema, the hotel the Adress Dubai Mall, as well as an Olympic ice rink. Without a doubt, if you pass the doors of this place for the least unique in the world, you will not have time to get bored. The Question is, Where Are you going to start?

8- A Cruise in Abra

A Cruise in Abra

Here is one of the least “superfluous” tours of Dubai: a tour in abra (water taxi) on Dubai Creek. Your traditional boat will take you to the Old City divided into two districts (Bur Dubai and Deira) where you will discover a totally different atmosphere from modern Dubai, including through various sites and emblematic monuments such as the women’s Museum.

The tour will continue to the palace of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum through the World Trade Center of Dubai, the mosque of Jumeirah or the Museum of Islamic arts. An experience rich in discoveries that will make you among others, discover the history of the city through time. These are the amazing things that you only see in Dubai.


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