Majestic Holidays to the Beautiful Island Countries Surrounding Australia


There are many places to visit for the Australian people, some places are near and some of them are far. But the people of Australia, visit some of the foreign places frequently. For the people of Australia, traveling is a healthy habit. Then most often plan the foreign and local trips, according to them the traveling improves their exposure and they get a chance to learn so many things from different cultures and of different people.

They shortlist the different places near their country and then they plan to visit them, as there are many places and different countries near Australia, in which there are different things and natural wonders which make them an attractive place. In this article, we will discuss some of the nearest places that are near to Australia and will see how the people of Australia plan to visit those places. As planning is the most important and most necessary part before traveling to foreign countries. After estimating the budget get some currency exchange in Perth.

Indonesia is the most visited place by the Australians:

Indonesia is a beautiful country, this country basically depends on the different amount of islands, and an estimate of the island in this country is approximately seventeen thousand in the amount. Indonesia is considered the world’s largest island country, as in this country there is a huge amount of island which is the actual reason for the popularity of this country.

The people of Australia mostly plan to visit this country because of the beauty of that country and rather than the beauty the minimum distance is the reason for maximum traveling, as the distance between Australia and Indonesia is almost 3 hours which is not so far. The minimum distance means less amount of money as well. This is the main attraction point for the people of Australia.

Importance of New Zealand for the Australians:

Australia is surrounded by different beautiful countries all of these countries have different facts and the different points of attraction. New Zealand is also one of those countries which is located near Australia, and which is basically a small island. This is the beautiful country in which many tourists in maximum amount plan to visit in both of the weathers like in winters and summers.

The Australian also plan to visit that place as there are two reasons behind them the one is the beauty of that country and the other reason is the distance covered between Australia and New Zealand, which is almost 4 hours which is not maximum to visit the foreign country. That is why the Australians mostly plan their foreign trips towards Australia.

There are different reasons for New Zealand famous for its culture which is very unique and very colorful. The education standard in this country is so well most of the students that belong from Australia, they plan their higher education in this country.

Visit Fiji Land of Beautiful Islands:

This is another beautiful place, or country names Fiji, which basically consists of the three hundred islands. These islands are scattered over the whole country. Fiji is a beautiful country and the distance between Fiji and Australia is almost 4 hours and 45 minutes from Melbourne the famous city of Australia.

The local and the native people of Melbourne can book direct flights towards Fiji. The country full of the island is full of natural beauty. Other than the island there is the Fiji Museum, Suva city which is full of the different architectural structures and lots of other attractive points.

You must visit this place once in your life, all you need is the good and perfect planning before leaving your home. You must have a good option for the currency exchange Melbourne if you are traveling from Melbourne as this is the nearest city near Fiji, and you can easily find the direct flights of Fiji from Melbourne.

These all are the nearest places and the nearest countries which are full of the islands which increase their beauty. Traveling to the near place is most relaxing as compared to travel the far place, you get a chance to explore more in a short time of period.


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