The train journey is one of the best easy to enjoy the trip along with scenic views and beautiful nature spots. India is a country that has nature on all sides. Every state of India has something special for which tourists visit that place every year.

The train is the most popular mode of transport in India. It is also the oldest way of traveling which people love even in the present times. Indian railway is the 4th biggest railway network operator in the globe.

Since many years, the Indian railway is successfully running all its trains from one state to another in the country. Today, we will discuss how to travel to different places in India by train.

How to find trains and book tickets to reach any place in India?

Endless trains are connecting from one state to another in India. If you want to know the information about all the trains, you can do the following things:

Visit the nearby railway station

Every village, town, and the city has a railway station within a few km. All you can do is that you can visit the nearest railway station and ask for the details of all the trains. You can ask TC or any other person sitting at a ticket window about the details of various trains.

Railway stations have the information on both local and regional trains running every hour or so. You can find the connectivity between every state by asking at the railway station. If you choose to book a ticket at the railway station, you will have to fill the physical form and stand in a queue to buy the tickets.

Online railway site

If you want to save time and effort, you can visit the official site of India railways. This site provides all the details of various trains running from the railway station to another.

Finding a particular train is quite simple on the official site of Indian railways. You can enter the train number or name of the station on the site and it will present the full details of the trains. You can book the train tickets from this site within a few minutes. It has online payment modes.

Hotel booking

If you are traveling for the 1st time in India, you can do hotel booking with train tickets, food and stay. You will get many reliable travel sites on the internet that do hotel booking, train ticket booking and provide other facilities as well. Travel agents will take some charges and make your trips easier and smoother. You can get great discount on hotel booking online using Makemytrip coupons.

Which train class you must choose?

Trains in India have many classes. The facilities differ according to the rates of the tickets.

Sleeper Class

If you want to travel to a short distance, you can take this option. It has no AC facility and charges lesser than AC classes.

AC classes

There are five classes in the AC compartment. They include 1st class, 2-Tier, 3-Tier, Executive Chair, and AC Chair. The costliest of all classes is AC is class where you get doors with locks and delicious meals.

The other classes such as Executive Chair and AC Chair have reclining seats while some others have curtains for privacy.

2nd class

This is the cheapest option and you may get a seat or not in this class. Passengers normally sit without reservations in 2nd class.

Kinds of Train Tickets in India

Since many trains travel every day in India, you need to do the booking of train tickets. One can book the following types of tickets to travel in India.


You can get a ticket before one day of the journey by paying extra charges. Indian Railways generally release the tatkal tickets at 10 am and 11 am for AC class.

RAC (Reservation against cancellation)

You can get a RAC ticket if any passenger cancels the ticket before the date of departure. To confirm about RAC ticket, you must visit the railway station.

Foreign Tourist quotas 

If you travel to India from another country, you can book AC class or AC executive chair tickets under this quota. You have to show your ID, passport, and visa.

Tips for safe train tour in India

  • You must book the tickets well in advance to avoid the complexities of seats.
  • It is better to carry lightweight bags while traveling on trains.
  • You should take care of valuables such as cameras, laptops, and passport while traveling in Indian trains.
  • It is necessary to know the class first and then do the ticket booking.
  • You must carry your ID proofs and ticket whole traveling on trains.
  • It is safe to carry a chain lock for your luggage.
  • You should keep an alarm to avoid delay.
  • Keep the full list of stations and junctions to avoid confusion.

The train journey in India has its special importance since many years. You will simply fall in love with the natural beauty of this country by traveling from one place to another.


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