Hiking Safety Tips You Should Know For A Safe Tour

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It is known to everyone hiking is adventurous and boosts your senses. There are countless reasons for hiking. As you want to involve yourself in nature. Hiking is also fruitful for your health. It keeps you physically fit, mentally alert and socio active.

It is not necessary hiking and trekking always provided you unforgettable memories; sometimes it’s painful too. Especially, when you’re hiking in the countryside. To avoid and get rid of the unpredictable circumstances you have to follow some significant hiking tips.

Here are some important hiking tips which will certainly make your journey fruitful and unforgettable.

Hiking Safety Ideas Before You Move On The Trail

Pack the essential things

Before starting your trip pack the essential hiking and trekking gears that are going to protect you and save your life in the case of emergency. It is the first step for a day hike or multi-day trekking.

Provide your route to your partner

Getting lost anywhere troublesome. There are a number of stories about hikers disappeared from their group.  Even though GPS can be helpful but you totally cannot rely on it. Understand the importance of knowing your route.

Take a Compass

Download the compass in your smartphone. It is easily available on Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. A compass show you which side is North, West, South, and East.

Have a plenty of water

Don’t go dehydrate. To save yourself from the dehydration carry plenty of water along with you. Even a sip of water can be fruitful for your health. It keeps you fresh all the day.

Pack your bag with Healthy Snacks

A proper and right food provides energy to our body. Always bring healthy snacks when you are on a trip. Here are some best hiking snacks

  • Peanuts Butter
  • Veggies
  • Nuts and Seeds
  • Granola
  • Dried Fruit
  • Gold Fish
  • Trail Mix

Pack a first aid kit

As future is unpredictable. You can’t predict it.  However you can prepare for it. Carry a first aid kit which includes which can save you from injury. It should be included 

  • Sterile dressings
  • Small bandages
  • Sterile gloves
  • Safety pins
  • Tweezers
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Hydrogen liquid

Be a Moocher

May I borrow your sunscreens? Can you provide me some tissue or toilet paper? These kind of 

Bring a torch or headlamp

Carry a torch or headlamp is always fruitful for you. When night hits there is dark everywhere. The night may be troublesome for you. You better aware for that and carry torch or headlamp with two extra batteries.

Set a time to move on

When a night falls there are unfamiliar things all-around. So you better set a time to turn around for your safety and betterment. Wandering in the night and lost in the dark can be a major problem for you and your friends. 

On Trail Hiking Safety Tips

Hiking Trail
Hiking Trail

Proper planning and preparation is the first step to be a successful hiker. The second step is how to avoid the risk which comes during the hiking.

Start Early

Starting early is one the best way for the successful hikers. If you start early you can give a lot of time to finish the hike. You will be away from the crowd if you start early, furthermore a proper daylight to enjoy the trail.

Don’t be overconfident

You should know your limits and abilities. Don’t be overconfident while hiking. Having a proper confident and knowing your abilities and limits save you from unknown disasters.

Don’t Neglect the Weather

As a trekker, you have very little medical services and unpredictable weather conditions may cause serious effects to you.

Weather conditions are not in our hand it is an unknown part of nature. So always tuned updated on the weather of the place before you are planning to travel.

Do not travel in the night time. Throughout night time there is a danger of wild animals, ditches and cliffs.

Wear the Proper Shoes

You don’t need hiking shoes on every trail. You can also wear trail running shoes on hikes. The shoes should be durable and proper quality. Otherwise you can fall into the injury.

Don’t be dehydrated during the hike

Don’t be dehydrating during the hike. Drink plenty of water during the hike. Dehydration can lead you to the dizziness, fatigue and other weakness.

Proper Dressing

Yes it is fact that hiking is the way to meet adventurous people on dreams. For such an amazing, you don’t need to look fashionable. Go for a proper dress for certain appropriate and weather.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is mandatory for the successful hikers. You must be physically fit & mentally alert for the hiking. 

You underwent with a different climate, terrain, geological differences as human body’s adaptability different in different places.

Don’t take hiking in easy way. It is not like roaming in the work. You must adapt to the environment.

Avoid Illegal activities

Avoid doing illegal activities while you are hiking. While traveling to developing countries some people involved in illegal activities like buying drugs, intoxicated and misbehaving drugs. You must obey the law and rules of every new place.

Keep the weight low

Hiking is not an easy job for you. There is no need to pack heavy while hike. The heaviest item should be water and food in your bag. Heavy backpacks are increases your high chances of back injury while hiking.

Control Your pace & feet

Hiking is not a race or being competitive with someone. It is not a race to finish the line. The beauty of hiking is to finish your journey with joyful mind.

Don’t go for solo hike

Always use the buddy system while hiking. There is nothing wrong with hiking solo. However, if you are with your buddy or in group then will be better for you. In unpredictable circumstances you must have someone to assist. 

Enjoy your Trip

Remember to have fun when you are on the trail. After all you are on the tour to explore new places and cultures at different locations on earth. So you have to ensure you are stress-free and enjoy a lot on your hiking tour.


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