You may think Thanksgiving is light years away, and you have enough time at hand to book flight tickets, but the truth is that you may end up paying a fortune for your tickets. Usually delays are known to raise prices and sometimes, the hike is colossal. So, knowing tips on how to get Thanksgiving flight tickets may be handy.

With a Thanksgiving discount code, you will be able to save significantly on your air fares for the Thanksgiving holiday. These are some easy ways to find cheap Thanksgiving air travel packages:

  1. Flexible Plans: To start with, you need to stay flexible; this is the surest way to find cheap Thanksgiving flight tickets. Everyone knows that the most expensive time is when everyone else is flying too. Since Thanksgiving falls on 28th November, most people would be traveling a day before and returning on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. So, if you can travel a day earlier and come back a day later, you may save quite a bit of money.
  2. Time of Day: This is another factor that influences Thanksgiving flight ticket fares. Most travelers would be keen to fly out after work and school hours and this makes peak business-hour flights highly costly. The cheaper tickets are for flights that leave early morning or late at night.
  3. Alternate Airports: This is by far the best money-saving trick because there are cities with multiple airports and you will find flight tickets to be far low-priced when you choose the less-popular airport.
  4. Avoid Low-cost Carriers: It is best to avoid basic economy fares and low-cost airlines as these have hidden charges, and you can well end up spending much more in the end. Low-cost carriers offer unusually low prices and then charge you for practically everything, whether it is carry-on luggage checked-in baggage or assigned seats.
  5. Get Fare Alerts: When you do not have time to spend on the computer checking for Thanksgiving flight rates on a regular basis, you should sign up for alerts. That way you will never miss a chance to save.
  6. Hold Reservations: The US DOT or Department of Transportation states that foreign and US carriers must allow passengers to hold their reservations at quoted fares for a period of 24 hours without having to make any payments, and even to cancel reservations within that time, without any fine.
  7. Use Credit Card Points/ Frequent Flyer Miles: This is obviously an easy way to find cheap Thanksgiving flight tickets. But to avail of this benefit, you must have flexible travel plans.
  8. Talk to Your Travel Agent: When you consult a travel agent for the job, he will do the bargain-hunting for you. It is best to pay fees to an agent who will use his energy and time to get you the best flight deals.
  9. Hidden City Trick: A good way to hack airlines fares is to consider other ticketing alternatives that will take you to the hub you wish to travel to. For instance, a flight to Nashville from San Francisco with layover in Atlanta is going to be less costly than a direct flight to Atlanta.
  10. Choose Smaller Carriers: If you plan of traveling overseas, you must choose flights flying across the ocean at the cheapest rates. For instance, you need to book a round-trip ticket to say London or Paris or any other major hub first, and then buy a cheap round-trip ticket to reach your final destination through a low-cost carrier, or by taking a train, ferry, or bus. The big names in airlines industry are bound to hike their rates; so, checking out smaller airlines like Virgin, Frontier and Spirit, makes sense.

These are easy ways to find Thanksgiving flights code when you are planning for this holiday with your loved ones. The trick is to book early and make use of coupons that you can get at Don’tPayAll.


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