Enjoying a holiday is one of the most precious moments that one cherishes be it a teenager or an adult.  You may belong to any age group but spending quality time with your friends, family and near ones for a holiday is really something one eyes for.  Now spending holidays, choosing a destination, the quality of travel and food along with accommodation does changes with each individual choices. 

There are different dimensions to the likings and disliking in relation to the holiday.  So hereby we will try to throw a light on the different aspect in relation to what kind of holidays hereby you can choose which suites you the best.

Different Types of Holidays

Generally it has been found that individual around the globe prefer a total of seven kinds of vaccination.  According to choice and special interest we can categorize them as follows:


This is basically for those who like to explore different parts of this globe with an intention to enjoy the various places of interest that includes sightseeing, visiting to museums, reputed monuments, buildings, pilgrimage spots and etc.

Near to Nature

This is best suited for people with a keen interest in activities like camping, canoeing. Hiking and like activities close to nature, campfire and most other outdoor activities.


This will suite best for teenagers and for family having children where most of the members are enthusiast with activities like sports and games.


This will suit you the best if you are planning a trip just for relaxation and like to take off from your regular routine.

Family Time

Family is important for all of us.  So spending a time with your family and taking out all of them for a vacation can really work wonders.

Intensive Experience

Those who intend to have intense experience can make their holiday personalize and plan according to that.


Staying away from all daily hard work and enjoying your time with your family in your own home for a holiday is another idea that is currently in trend and is quite popular in the western world today.

Value for Money

For each one of us value of money is one of the most primary aspects that we all look into.  There are different sets of people who have different opinion regarding this.  Few individuals like to spend their holiday in a luxurious way booking a grade top quality, five star resorts or hotels for their stay with quality food and sightseeing facilities.  Whereas on the other hand most of the middle class family go for a more economic one what a standard quality for each and everything.  

They mostly go for a package tour where everything is provided in a standard fashion altogether.  Now this will simply depend on individual preferences and needs.  Moreover it is more important to understand what one’s priority is, luxury or comfortability.


Quality of your holiday that includes your accomodation, sightseeing, your interest is another most important thing that counts here.  It is often recommended and as per the thumb rule it is always better to go for quality rather than anything else.  This will totally depend upon your pocket and the maximum you can bear with.  It is not that choosing economic traveling is a bad idea, but it is always important that you give the quality of your holiday the most priority.  The best option here is to chalk out a plan and go accordingly.  A travel agent or a tourist guide can simply help you with all your queries here. You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring.


Personalization is one of the most primary component that marks a brilliant holiday altogether.  Visiting the best tourist places, and tasting some of the best ad delicious local food is indeed something that we all think of.  This is pretty much difficult to achieve if you are planning for a package holiday as they will bind you up with a fix and strict schedule which you cannot bend.  Personalizing your travel plan will help you to taste all these quality experiences which can really make your trip a special one and make your holiday stand apart from the rest.  So personalizing your trip can really cost you an extra few bucks.

Concluding Thus, it is always recommended that you make your own choice of that suites you better and work out your holiday accordingly beforehand.


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