There are many useful websites and mobile apps that can help you in planning your trip in the best way. Each travel platform has something special to offer to attract more and more clients. That’s so cool to have an e-helper to book a flight, hotel, rental car at one platform. When you use them all, you can compare apps, weight the advantages and disadvantages of each travel website, and think of which app is really useful and which is not. Of course, everything is individual. If you need an exotic or luxury car to go to Omaha to visit Omaha’s Botanical Center or Henry Doorly Zoo, exotic car rental in OMA airport will give you the best car for your money. But it would be much better to book the car beforehand with the help of a car rental app. You can compare prices, car characteristics, and book your car online without additional fees and charges. Nevertheless, there are apps that are problematic and not easy to use.

High-Rated Apps You Use When Travel By Car

So, looking for a hassle-free app that always gives the best result in booking hotel, flights, tickets, pay attention to these highest-rated apps:

Book tickets:

Alaska Airlines (Android)

Amtrak (Android)

Book hotels:

Intercontinental (iOS) (iOS)

Airbnb (iOS)

Car rental:

RelayRides (iOS)

Zipcar (iOS) (Android and iOS)

Book cruise:

Norwegian (Android)

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If one app helps your travel experience, others don’t. Here are some of the worst travel apps you may discover in the process of traveling.

1. iWasHere App

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This is an app that helps you to visit many different countries, cities, and share this information with friends. You share where you are at the moment, what you are doing in social media. Many people find it difficult to use and interact. Also, the app looks like a creepy attempt to mimic Four Square. That’s why it is better to download Four Square!

2. MetrO App

This app is recommended for people who often use public transport when traveling. Even if you are traveling by car, you may use Metro or city buses in the old town or city center, where using cars is not recommended. Try MetrO! You can decide if it is good for you only when you start using it. Unlike other apps with maps, this one is created for people who already know where they are and where they are going. But what if you are a newcomer and have no idea where to go? It is better to use All Subway app instead. It is more flexible!

3. Visit Denver App

This app is a widely used resource for Denver visitors. Many people believe, Visit Denver can help to explore the city and learn much new information about it. If you have a chance to visit all city spots, recommended by the app, you can be disappointed. First of all, the app is so complicated that most of you cannot figure it out at the first try. You will spend more time for checking your destination that for enjoying it. That’s very sad as the app was designed to help people to find out many more interesting places in Denver. Instead, you will waste your time. What is the problem to use Four Square then? Also, you can use a mobile navigator and try to explore the city on your own without any special apps.

4. US Airways

US Airways Boeing 767-200; N246AY@ZRH;19.01.2008/493dd 493de

The app is recommended for iOS. But note that this is the lowest rated app among the airline apps. It takes 5 of 100! The app is slow working and it rather hinders you from doing something than helping.

5. American Airlines

This app is a well-known app that people can’t open on their phones. The loading time is too long that you’d better book tickets from any other popular resource. Also, the app often mistakenly takes you to different websites for core functions. American Airlines are not poplar and reputable company in America. The situation is very sad as two largest airlines are the poorest rated apps. The app average score is about 33 of 100! It’s too low to download this app and use it for planning your trip. You may use Alaska Airlines instead or something that can help you to book a flight, hotel, car rental taken together.

If you are an experienced traveler, you probably already know that smartphone apps are very smart. You try to have an app for all eventualities. As it can be found out, most of your smart apps are not smart. They are buggy, sluggish and really difficult to use. Apps usability means much for travelers for not to feel disappointed. What is your variant or variants of the worst mobile apps you’ve ever met while traveling?


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