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Of course, beautiful and unusual places are just what you need for stunning high-quality photography. However, this is not all. You also need patience, a good camera on your phone and some more valuable tips!

Travel Photography Tips for Professional Photographers

Take Great Photos as often as Possible

Shoot everything in a row, but not only yourself in the mirror. Anything will be suitable as an object: cups of coffee, dogs, buildings, friends, landscapes, etc.

As soon as you stop being ashamed of your desire to shoot and as soon as the fear goes away to take a bad shot, the photos will definitely get better.

Shoot everything in a row, but not only yourself in the mirror. Anything will be suitable as an object: cups of coffee, dogs, buildings, friends, landscapes, etc.

The most important thing at the initial stage is to gain experience. Create a secret profile on Instagram, and don’t tell your friends about it. Then upload some photos and look at the result. But even if it seems to you that the next macro photo of a flower is already a masterpiece, most likely it’s not so.

Learn the settings of digital camera or your device

Change the settings and maybe your photos will become better, and friends will stop rubbing their eyes after watching the next photo with a “poisonous” color and murderous contrast in your Instagram.

In order to build a better composition, try turning on the grid and reading a couple of Wikipedia articles about the basic principles of composition. Even a flash of a phone is sometimes a very useful thing.

If your camera has the ability to shoot .raw files, not in .jpg, use it! Pulling the right information from the .raw files is much easier. At first, correct exposure and white balance errors, but try not to abuse the HDR function.

Stand in Front Don’t be lazy

The desire to get good photos can motivate you to get up early, walk a couple of kilometers more, or look into the courtyard. Try not to use digital zoom, as the quality of the photo then leaves much to be desired, and, if possible, go up to the subject or, on the contrary, go away for some distance.

Do not lose any photo opportunity successful angles can be found in the most unexpected places – they are literally everywhere if you are attentive and ready to move.

Look at the future photo in your own way

Don’t be afraid to take a picture where others don’t see anything. If the place that some eminent photographer publicly admired didn’t inspire you, feel free to pass by.

Train your photographer’s gaze, and you will learn to anticipate frames and see the angle and event before it happens. 

Try to take a Perfect Photo of a Cup of Coffee – Point and Shoot

A cup of coffee is, of course, a convention. The main task is to shoot something in a relaxed atmosphere with an unlimited number of attempts. Try different angles, different settings, shoot the same subject at different times of the day, in various places and with changing lighting.

In practice, you will understand the principles of light and composition. You can read as many articles as you like, or you can just finally try to do it.

Understand what you like to shoot on travel Photos

So, you shot everything in a row, and then suddenly revised the result – and it turned out that most of these pictures are portraits of friends walking in the streets of your favorite city, or, for example, old mailboxes. This is something you’re interested in.

Continue to shoot what inspires you, and later you will definitely have your favorite angles, favorite topics, and most importantly – a unique style.

Don’t copy other people’s ideas make your own sense of scale

Watch more good films, go to museums, and get inspired by classic examples in museums. This is better than endlessly repeating Instagram photos of others.

Also, don’t show your first photos to all your fellow photographers at once and don’t ask to express their opinion. At best, you won’t hear anything intelligible, as they don’t want to offend you, and at worst, their comments can kill all your desire to shoot. Better show the photo to your parents – in any case, they will be pleased.

Don’t be afraid to take photos of sights – golden hours

You will probably visit the sights on your next trip. Then why not plan the time in such a way as to be in place early in the morning when there are no tourists, or, conversely, at night?

Try to move a little further away and take a photo from an unobvious angle. Practice shows that even the Tower of Pisa can be photographed in a non-trivial way. The main thing is to have the desire and enough time.


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