How to Save Money for Travel


Whenever you open your social profile like Instagram, Facebook and others, it seems that everyone is traveling. And you think how did they do it? And then you are start wishing the same thing right? Don worry…! Actually everything is possible and anyone can do it but it requires budgeting and control on useless extra expense.

Travel is too expensive these days, so we have to find a solution to makes our dreams come true? You can do the same by following these simple steps that really work for you.

Here Are Some Useful Tips That Will Make Your Budget Easy For Travel

Sell Your Old and Useless Stuff

The brilliant guideline is all that you haven’t used in the previous half-year. Is it right to say that you are intending to do this in the following half year?  Your appropriate response might be ‘no’ (on the off chance that you think, it is probably going to be ‘no’). So why not sell what you won’t utilize and set aside extra cash for your next traveling expense?

Drink Simple Tap Water

Drinking tap water is not a bad idea this will help you in managing your budget. Annually around 600 million peoples consume bottles market globally that is around 100 billion gallons per year or in other words 1 million bottle per minute.  Let’s calculate your per month’s cost, for instance, if you spent $2 on 1 bottle then it means every month your spending is around $60.

Try to Minimize your Fixed Cost

One of the principal choices to achieve your traveling plan is to keep your fixed costs low. Take a sheet of paper and a pen to hand and record every one of the costs you have each month. Your home loan, costs for your vehicle, insurance premium, monthly fuel consumption, cell phone subscription, electricity consumption and all. Also, try to avoid unnecessary outing and night parties so that you can easily reduce your fixed cost.

Rent a Room or shift to another Place

If you have an apartment or house with some free rooms then try to put them on rent and earn some money from them to meet your traveling budget. Or another option is to try to rent your full apartment/ house and move on some low rented place and save the rental income that you get from them.

Sell your Car

Have you ever examine what amount of vehicle costs for each month? Fuel efficient cat consumes around 8 liters for every 100 kilometers which equates to around 35 miles per gallon. But these stats are for fuel-efficient cars, on the other hand, normal cars can consume more fuel as compared to them. So try to sell your vehicle and buy a cycle for short distance and if you wish or need to travel a long distance then use public transport.

Try a Part-Time job for Extra Cash

After following all the above mentioned you still unable to save money for your travel then try to search for another part-time job. Why not work at a restaurant on weekends? Or if you are a good writer, you can take some online work to earn extra cash.


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