Paris is an amazing city but also a super expensive city in the world, there are lots of amazing things to do when you are planning to visit Paris, just read down these top 10 tips.

Number 1:

Student card if you’re planning on seeing the sights make sure you bring your student card for discounts at major museums ask for sites like the Eiffel Tower and note your Dom skip the line and check them out for free from outside.

Number 2:

Hang out with the dead some of the coolest periods Ian’s are no longer with us but they’re here in spirit say hello to Charlie Chaplin Victor Hugo and Jim Morrison over at père Lachaise cemetery then head over to the left bank to Shakespeare and company bookshop the former haunt of Hemingway and the other writers for the lost generation.

Number 3:

Eating a Brasserie eating in Paris is great but it’s expensive a meal can set you back at least 30 Euros wine excluded so instead of eating a browser e informal inexpensive eateries where you can get a great meal for 10 to 15 Euros.

Number 4:

Order your coffee the right way sipping at cafe au lait a tableside restaurant might be classic Paris but it’s super expensive to save half the cash by ordering a cafe Nawaz at a shop expresso a little bit of milk for half the price saving more cash by ordering your drink standing at the bar just one euro.

Number 5:

Buy your Metro tickets in bulk the Metro is great and it can get you everywhere but buying individual tickets adds up to save cash by buying your tickets in packs of ten or twenty.

Number 6:

Even better bike around Paris there is a municipal bike system here, that can get you a set of wheels for a week for just eight Euros you need a credit card with a smart chip if you don’t have one no worries you can still pay for the bike online.

Number 7:

See the city on public bus tickets are just over a euro and you can ride around Paris for as long as you want.

Number 8:

Couch surfing finding a formal accommodation in Paris is never easy but luckily it’s the largest couch surfing community on the planet find a host a couch surfing org make sure you send your requests at least a couple weeks in advance because Paris is the most visited city on earth and hosts are swamped with requests.

Number 9:

Party on the sand once you got that bottle of wine to skip the expensive bars and head over to the CEN  sitting on the banks of the river is the best place to watch the sunset and reflect on just how awesome this city is. So, those were our top 9 tips to see in Paris on the cheap just subscribe our blogger and get most interesting upcoming blogs from


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