10 Best Places To Visit In The Caribbean


A Caribbean vacation is a regular part of the good life of many people. The beach and the rich climate are pleasantly shocking, everyone needs to recharge and remind us that we are all children of the sun. However, just as many Caribbean islands are hospitable, grilled fish and music, each island country has its own unique personality and layers of treasure to explore.

Below we gather a top 10 best Caribbean destinations to include in any serious vacation bucket list.

1: Aruba

Aruba Beach

One of the reasons for loving Aruba is that it is safely outside of ‘Hurricane Lane’. Here you can enjoy the warm sunny weather from the terrible effects of the Caribbean Superstorm.  Because the climate is more arid than the rest of the Caribbean, Aruba attracts dry-loving visitors and offers a unique travel experience for cactus-filled “deserts”. Once a gambling paradise, Aruba features casinos, entertainment and fine dining to suit everyone’s tropical lifestyle.

2: St. Lucia

 St. Lucia Beach

Whether it’s romantic intimacy, sporty adventure or just sand, sun and beach that you need, St. Lucia is just what the doctor ordered. With beautiful natural landscape and palm-fringed beaches, miles of rainforest and the majestic Piton Mountains there’s lots to see on St. Lucia. The sun here is fierce, so load up with SPF and make sure you stay well hydrated. For the playful or the romantic, dip behind one of St. Lucia’s natural waterfalls or enjoy picturesque underwater sightseeing while scuba diving, another popular pastime on St. Lucia.

3: Bermuda

Bermuda Pink Sand Beach

Bermuda is very close to the continental United States and is a great place for a weekend getaway. It seems that its famous pink beach is not enough. The historical charm of Bermuda will remind you of classic South American towns such as Charleston or Richmond. For example, St. George’s naval base is a UNESCO heritage. Boat tours are inexpensive and a fascinating way to spend an afternoon exploring. Tiny hidden coves make Bermuda a perfect destination for lovers and other strangers looking to stay hidden in plain sight while on the island paradise. Local laws prohibit rental cars but there are plenty of options for touring including mopeds and local guides with drivers for hire.

4: Barbados

Barbados Beach

Art exhibits, surfing and the best live music scene in the Islands characterize leisure life in Barbados. Try some flying fish and take time to stop and talk with ‘Bajans’ who are genuinely endlessly warm and always make time to stop for a moment of friendly repartee. The easternmost island in the Caribbean, Barbados is known for banking and rum. So Visiting St. Michael’s Mount Gay Rum Factory is a must and will reveal the 1703 chart… confirm that Mount Gay Rum is the oldest rum factory and supplier in the world.

5: Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos

The hub at Providenciales (“Provo”) is the center of all social life for visitors to Turks and Caicos. Boasting by far the very best beaches in the Caribbean, Grace Bay requires only one thing from visitors: soulful relaxation. Take a sea tour or plan a guided cay picnic in a glass bottom boat and check out the abundant marine life while enjoying delicious Island cuisine. But as a protected national reserve, don’t expect to see a lot of motorized water sports. The Turks and Caicos Islands are full of natural wonders, with plenty of cave systems, bays and cliffs to explore whether hiking and geological wonders will illuminate your heart.

6: St Maarten

st maarten caribbean

St. Maarten has some beautiful things to offer people in search of a tropical getaway. Try Cheri’s Cafe in Maho Bay or the many beach-side burgers, ribs and fish joints that are guest favorites. They will have you licking your spiced and salty fingers, asking for more.  The resorts include Nightlife gifted actors and a variety of amazing exciting comedy! Or a sunny cruise or a Philippine head for an energetic local attraction and shopping. St. Martin is known for his fine jewelry. Therefore, visiting the front street is an indispensable reminder or gift that makes this Caribbean monument memorable.

7: St Barts

St Barts

St. Barts is off the everyday Caribbean tourist path and not easy to get to, but joining the St. Barts set has its rewards. If celebrity swag is what you seek, St. Barts has plenty, as the winter home to the likes of Beyonce, P.Diddy and David Letterman. Unspoiled tropical island beaches, gorgeous vistas and a delightfully quaint capital city, Gustavia, add more than a touch of sophistication. But St. Barts caters to the A-list so get ready to pay for St. Barts’ exclusivity, and its many lifestyle rarities, often hard to find in the tropics. With some of the finest dining, exclusive shopping and the most lavish beachfront playground anywhere in the world, this Caribbean jewel will have you dreaming of life as a starlet or mogul.

8: US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands

During day time a tours to historic museums great golf, churches and other sites will keep your curious mind filled with sightseeing adventure in the US “V.I.s”. Head to St Thomas for exquisite gourmet dining or enjoy some duty-free shopping. The coral reefs of St. Croix provide an endless spectacle of marine life if snorkeling or scuba is your thing. The expansive national park on St John provides endless hiking through wet tropical or dry forests and magnificent vistas across its many hills, valleys and beaches. Or take a guided tour and view the petroglyphs or rock carvings left by the indigenous Tainos peoples and other ancient civilizations that inhabited the 7,000-acre island in the distant past.

9: Anguilla

Anguilla to saint martin

Relaxation is the main business in Anguilla. This is considered as not a mass market destination, with no fast food chains to be found. Unique coastal eateries such as the Sunshine Tower at Crocus Bay offer pleasant opportunities for drinks and island style snacks all day. Boat racing is the national sport here, making Anguilla a sun-drenched playground for the nautically adventurous. The charm of Anguilla is in what it’s not – busy, crowded and fast. So slow down and enjoy the natural beauty, and some of the most engaging people and breathtaking beaches you will find anywhere this side of heaven.

10: Jamaica


One of the larger islands in the Caribbean, Jamaica is as lively and diverse as it gets. Friendly Jamaicans will inform and engage you in lively conversations about politics, sports or food to your heart’s content, reminding you what the term good neighbor really means. Visit Negril for the most picturesque white sand and emerald seas anywhere in the world. Climb the falls at Ocho Rios or just be a shoppy tourist in Montego Bay with its thriving retail experiences, nightlife and the very best in international cuisine on the island.


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