US Destinations for Holidays & Vacation Spots


This is a holiday! Families from all over the United States are reaching the airport or highway and seeing the sights! Unfortunately, most of them went to places that other people have been to. Why not try these 5 underrated locations this year, instead of giving your family more vacations to Disney?

The Adirondack Park

Hiking and camping are very popular today. However, some attractions are a bit too popular. Why not try the Adirondack Park in northern New York? The Adirondacks are just 4 hours north of New York City and the highest mountain on the East Coast. There are 46 peaks, most of which reach more than 3,000 feet. Many have excellent hiking trails and campsites, and many natural environments for your family to explore.

If you and your family still need a little civilization, there are several towns in the National Park, including the Olympic Village Lake Placid. Come hiking and camping, leaving a breathtakingly stunning view! Just make sure to bring a bug spray.

Big Sur, California

If you take your family to California, please cross the list from the big cities like San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles: They are all overrated. Why not try Big Sur? If you need a beach, then Big Sur has what you want! Maybe you like hiking? Yes, Big Sur also has this. Ok, how about camping? Big Sur has you covered! Big Sur has everything your family needs to stay away from everything.

However, if your family needs to see more than just a few people, there are several small and medium-sized cities in your easy driving range to whistle your family. The best part? Big Sur is not as popular as most of California’s other attractions, while still maintaining a lot of beauty. Pack your bags!

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

If you are traveling to Colorado this year, please skip Denver completely. Instead, find a hut and put on your hiking shoes. Glenwood Springs is a great place to spend your summer vacation! Located in the heart of the mountains, Glenwood Springs has a long history and offers a variety of activities for the whole family.

Take some hiking trips, take a dip in the natural hot springs at night, and spend the next day at the Glenwood Caverns amusement park. You can spend a few days leaving memories in a less crowded place. Be careful! Glenwood Springs is home to cute, cute chipmunks, many of which are so docile they may just steal your food!

Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Bund is one of the best beaches in the world for families. It has hundreds of historic locations and plenty of shopping to keep you busy for months. Is shopping not your business? Wait until nor’easter hits the outside bank to Rodanthe, which is one of the best surfing spots on the East Coast.

The Bund is also home to hundreds of wild horses, a rare treat for anywhere in the United States. For more nature, you can travel to Pea Island. If you want more adventure, take a ferry to Ocracoke or follow the NC 12 to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The outside banks are great for the family and are far from enough to make the annoying crowd a problem.

Charleston, South Carolina

You may wish to arrive in Charleston soon. This gem hidden in the south is becoming more and more popular. Charleston has always maintained its historical advantage and quickly became a food city. Your family will enjoy some amazing coastlines, historic sites, aquariums and almost incredibly gorgeous parks.

If you want some ghostly mystery, Charleston is a great place to take your family. Sign your family in Charleston’s famous ghost tour to help your family get the best chill. Then, rest by the water while watching some dolphins swimming lazily. Complete your vacation along with the port by boat to help ensure some great family memories!


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