Do you think that Florida is the most expensive state for young adults? People come here to work and study. What makes this place so popular? The climate is always warm. There are many colleges for students and job opportunities for young professionals. This is a state of large population and well-developed beach industry. It is not an easy thing to find your place in this sunny state, but you can try. Miami is the city of tourists and attractions. Do you know that there are at least 10 cities in Florida which are good and cheap for young adults? You can rent a car in the airport and drive around the city to find something cheaper and more comfortable to live in. What is the minimum car rental age in Florida? Don’t worry, the minimum age is 21. You are offered to choose a Young Driver’s Package with no additional charges!



Winter Springs is located 20 minutes driving from Orlando. This is a friendly place with a population about 35 000 people. The third part of them is young adults. Also, this is one of the safest cities in Florida and you can spend your work time and leisure here. The city has unlimited opportunities for young people. You can visit amusement parks, resorts, and restaurants. It is not a problem to find a place for picnic or transfer to the University of Central Florida. Why not? Orlando area is favorable for young economists.


According to its name, the city is situated in the waterfront area of Miami. It can boast the highest concentration of young people. There are many students, college graduates, and young tourists in the city. You can visit local shops, restaurants, and the most glamorous pool in the world. If you feel like you want more attractions, you can go to Miami!

3. Come to CUTLER BAY

Cutler Bay is situated to the south from Miami. This is a new community with large population. About 20% of people are young adults between 20 and 30. The place is safe to live with many hotels and a large beach area. People often come here to spend weekend for cheaper, cheaper than in Miami.


Just 160 000 live here and most of them are young and adventurous. This is a safe place with a low rate of crimes. There are no many attractions but you can make many friends instead. Here you feel like living in a small town with fresh air, beautiful nature, hiking routes for tourists. The community is especially popular for young families.


Go to the north from Miami just to the island between the Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. This is neither city nor resort. But you can find a long white sand beach and different night attractions for young. Local like visiting restaurant, night clubs, cocktail bars. There are many college students and tourists. You can learn surfing, diving or just relax at the well-cared beach. The atmosphere is youth friendly!

6. Come to PARKLAND

This is probably the smallest city situated not far from Fort Lauderdale. The life here is cheaper than in a big neighbor city. And you may have all popular attractions typical for a college graduates. The city offers such activities as fishing, open air restaurants and bars, park movies, street concerts and youth festivals. You feel safe and relaxed! What more could one ask for?

7. Come to OCOEE


What a strange name! This is a young city with population about 30 000. It is situated to the west from Orlando. As you already know, Orlando is one of the most visited cities in Florida. It is full of life and attractions. But life in Orlando is very expensive. You can live nearby and get to Orlando by car every day to visit amusement parks. Here, in OCOEE, you can find cheap hotels and good company. Keep in mind, this city is situated far from the beach. But you can drive your car to one of many lakes all around the city.

Florida is a unique state with many places to see. This is also a favorable platform for students and young families. There are plenty of job opportunities and local attractions. Remember, you don’t have to stay in big cities when traveling through Florida. Try to find something cheaper nearby. These so-called communities are perfectly situated and full of opportunities. You can try local food, visit beach bars, and park festivals. This is a good place to visit with friends for weekend or for study. Living for cheap doesn’t mean to save money on everything. All you need is to find the right place!


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