Music connects people from different parts of the world together into a bond that allows the souls to relate to each other, comprehending and exploring life through sounds and lyrics produced. The city of Manchester in the United Kingdom can definitely understand that. Having the finest music industry in the UK, Manchester has never disappointed its people and the world with its magnificent musical backgrounds and successes that goes on to this very day.

Being a waterfall overflowing with mesmerizing music, Manchester houses plentiful music venues wherein people, including locals, travelers and tourists, see amazing performances and hear live fascinating music. Many of them have been present for several years already, giving birth to so many music bands which have become well-known in the whole city and even around the globe. 


Photo from Z-Arts website

It is astonishing how music is a very unique form of art. It stands out through the power it holds while it mixes and matches well with other art styles. Not only a music venue but a whole center of multiple art forms, Z-Arts (Zion Arts) was established in the year 2000. The goal is to become a creative space available for young people where they can participate and interact with co-youths as they grow and develop.  

A welcoming and warm place, Z-Arts truly makes the guests feel the “very Mancunian” vibe through the ambiance, atmosphere and the productions showcased here. There are varieties of things happening. Culture is given importance to as performances done here also introduce and reflect the allure of Manchester’s many aspects. There are dramas, dances and films released here too, and comfortably, you can grab and sip a tasty drink.

Z-Arts holds musical bands and artists to let the people hear the talents they desire to share throughout the city and the world. Where Z-Arts is located is one of the oldest buildings in Hulme, Manchester. 

The venue itself exudes creativity. It is a wonderful place where young minds are heartened and inspired. The walls of Z-Arts have built and molded talents, creativity and courage. You and your family can also visit this wonderful place to be stunned and entertained by Manchester’s great music and other art forms.

It’s all about creative learning in Z-Arts. It is located in Stretford Rd, Manchester. Good thing there are parking spaces available for guests. Also, restaurants, shops and both luxury and cheap hotels in Manchester are nearby this multi-art center. Drop by and spend some time knowing the events in the place.

The Star and Garter

Photo from Geograph

Initially a hotel, The Star and Garter is now a pub set in Fairfield Street in Manchester. Gigs happen upstairs. There are affordable drinks for night outs with the whole squad or for solo night relaxations. This live music venue is mainly for loud-sound and underground occasions. 

Inside The Star and Garter, you will have that vintage feeling you have been missing from the contemporarily designed world of today. It’s like the classic British pub. The chairs and tables look old. The drinks are contained in low-cost cans. The ambiance is just calming while entertaining. The friendly and accommodating staff makes the place even more cosy and colorful. The setting is near the train station, making transportation less of a hassle. 

O2 Ritz (The Ritz)

Wikimedia – Little Barrie at The Ritz  1-2-2013

Magnificently standing since 1928, O2 Ritz is Manchester’s oldest surviving music venue. Yes, lots of establishments have already given up and said goodbye to the city, but The Ritz (its original name) has survived the years and the seasons in Manchester.

Situated in Whitworth Street, O2 Ritz is a venue for live music that remarkably pleases those who hear it! For nearly nine centuries, it has been at the center of Manchester’s pride and music industry. The place was generally and vastly renovated in 2011, spending £2 million to make the good be the best of the bests and to expand its capacity to 1,500 people! Everything was improved and developed. In 2015, The Ritz was renamed “O2 Ritz”. It was very much known in Manchester as a dance hall or ballroom attracting so many people because of its hip, awesome and bouncy dance floor before it was made into a music venue. 

This music site is also the setting of many legendary performances of illustrious music artists in Manchester and in other parts of the United Kingdom. The Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys, Dead Kennedys, Dropkick Murphys, Happy Mondays, Liam Gallagher, The Smiths, Frank Sinatra and The Beatles were some of the famous names that shook the grounds of The Ritz. 

Absolutely, O2 Ritz is still among the top places to witness and jam to live music in Manchester. It is exceptional that this music hall can be a multipurpose entertainment site as it also becomes a venue for other events such as wrestling competitions and parties.The Bridgewater Hall

Photo from Olgastezhko – Bridgewater Hall

In September 1996, The Bridgewater Hall opened. It is an august concert venue in Manchester. It is very much loved not only because of its incredible visuals but most of all because of the music performances it has enabled to be publicized through and on its stages!  

It is the city’s international concert site holding events and performances that count more than 250 per year! Wowing right? Different genres have been heard in The Bridgewater Hall because it can host just any lovely music, whether it’s pop, rock, jazz and especially classical music!

You will be astounded to know that the entire hall is resting on top of 280 springs! That is to make the music venue ultimately soundproof, kept apart from the noise of the neighboring railroad and outdoors. You will cry happy tears for the arresting quality of sound inside the venue as you relax on the comfortable seats with nice leg room!

Significantly, The Bridgewater Hall is cradle to The Hallé orchestra. It also is the main concert site for the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra. It houses a king-sized, gleaming pipe organ.

Royal Northern College of Music

Photo from Daily Mail UK

One of the only four conservatoires connected with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, the Royal Northern College of Music has always been home to many unbelievable talents in the music scene of Manchester. 

In 1893, it welcomed 80 students in its space. Betwixt 1968 and 1973, the college building was established. The concert hall underwent a huge upgrading in the middle of December 2013 and September the following year.

Today, you can witness various soloists, opera and orchestral presentations in the Royal Northern College of Music. Students also showcase their hard work and learning through recitals and shows. There are four concert areas within the college. Different renowned artists and ensembles appear with their impressive artistries.

Royal Northern College of Music is among the top-tier conservatoires in the globe, and Mancunians are proud to have it in their homeland. It is one of the United Kingdom’s lively, eventful and diverse public performance locations. Gifted students, mentors, composers and other music enthusiasts are adding in number in this celebrated music college.

Albert Hall

Source – Visit Manchester

Constructed in 1908, Albert Hall is a spectacular music hall in Peter Street. Originally, it was a palatial and dazzling Methodist central chapel before it became a house of flavorful and sensational live music events in Manchester. 

From 1999 to 2011, the main floor was utilized as a nightclub. The second floor was renovated for 2 years starting 2012, and when finished, served as grounds for music concerts. Albert Hall has turned into one of the most sought-after and of the most beautiful venues of great sounds in the United Kingdom. 

Generally, Albert Hall allows only the entrance of guests above 18 years old. If particularly noted that under-age visitors are allowed for the events, then rules are adjusted and still followed. Albert Hall’s calendar of events is always stuffed. Some of the artists that have made stupendous live appearances and acts in this venue include Suede, Sam Smith, Tame Impala and Manic Street Preachers.

Convenient for people attending events here or for those who simply want to see the splendor of the music venue, Manchester public transport can access it. You can go by metrolink, train, bus or car. There are car parks available nearby. Also, if you are attending a time-strict event in the Albert Hall, it will be helpful if you lodge near. Good-quality hotels and serviced apartments in Manchester are within reach. 

The Deaf Institute

Photo from Giglist

Stationed in Grosvenor Street, The Deaf Institute is a music venue, yet if you first heard its name, you will wonder why it is called so. Actually, it was initially a school for deaf persons and was set up in 1877. It is now a popular music gig venue in Manchester.

Indie music, live DJs and comedy night shows fill the music hall’s first floor with excited crowds, both locals and tourists. The Deaf Institute has become one of the best, freshest and coolest small music spots in Manchester. The music dome is very stylish. Music makers such as Marmozets, Alvvays and Kate Tempest have performed here. Under the hall, there’s a bar and a kitchen where you can cut off the hunger and have some delicious refreshments and snacks!

Since it is located at the boundary of the town center, it is accessible by buses that travel Oxford Road. Within walking distance to The Deaf Institute, you can visit both high-priced and cheap eating places, clothing shops, cafes and accommodation in Manchester. 

Manchester Arena

Photo from Design My Night

If you want a tremendously large music venue, Manchester Arena is the key. In the United Kingdom, Manchester Arena has the biggest seating capacity among all the indoor venues. With its capacity to accommodate 21,000 people, this place provides an awe-inspiring music experience together with the peerless sound quality and view inside. 

Since it began in 1995, Manchester Arena has hosted numerous concerts of various iconic people in the music scene. The brightest stars in rock and pop not only in the city but in the whole world have landed on their feet in this extensive concert venue. 

The English pop band, Take That, has the most performances in this arena as of 2019, having 46. Others who performed here include Britney Spears, Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry, Spice Girls, Ariana Grande, and the Korean girl group Blackpink. Among the Irish bands globally, Westlife has the record of 33 performances in Manchester Arena.


In 2018, Manchester was considered as the UK’s rock and indie center. Hosting a lot of live music shows than any other UK venue, it has also been called the “Best Live Music City”.

It is without a doubt that Manchester will never go last when the music industry is being talked about. Since the old days and from the oldest generations, this city always has something surprising in its music and the grounds where it is showcased. It magnetizes people from all around the world visiting to witness its bewitching architectural styles and to experience its beauty live at Manchester’s very own places of music.


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