Travel India – Find Top Yoga Destinations


India is a place well known for their importance for yoga. Many people say that yoga finds its origin in India. So, the place popular yoga must also have some amazing places for yoga right? That is why we are here in this article to discuss about the beautiful destinations in India for yoga.

Osho International Meditation Resort

This Osho international meditational resort is located in Pune. Every year the numbers of people get visited here is more in number. People get attracted to this place for its well-maintained environment with amazing greeneries around the place. People also say that they are getting the spiritual connect over the place. If you are planning for a yoga trip, then this place can be added in your list of destinations.

Ayurveda yoga meditation resort

The Ayurveda yoga meditation resort is located in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. The place is well known for the peaceful environment that it has. In this resort you will be getting every day Ayurveda massage, exercises and good food for 14 days, through which you will also be learning yoga in all the three beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Add this place to you travel bucket list for a spiritual journey.

Tushita Meditation Centre

Tushita meditation centre is a Tibetian Buddhism study centre located in Dharamsala. As this centre is located near McLeod Ganj, it is going to be the best yogic experience for people visiting this place. This is well known for its amazing spiritual journey of learning Buddhism and practicing yoga, which is believed that, it will give a great experience that can never forget. The three meditation halls are well known for their power on concentrating things, for better meditative experience. You can use any of the halls for your practice.

Shreyas Yoga Retreat

Shreyas retreat is located in Bangalore. This Shreyas retreat makes sure that they distress your body, mind and soul. The accommodation they provide is so good. One interesting thing while discussing about the accommodation is that they don’t have TV, that they make us to concentrate more on ourselves. The room is well maintained and decorated with flowers as much as they can in a relaxing way. The best part of the accommodation is that they have this open bathroom where you can have bath in own space which so private for you only. This is going to be your best destination for a relaxing trip.

Yoga Vidya Spiritual Retreat

As from you the name you can understand that, in this place you are going to get yogic classes. The massage, the treatments that you get there are super awesome in a way that it is going to be your relaxing travel experience. Please do check out to yoga vidya spiritual retreat for a well relaxing experience.


KalariKovilakom is located in Kerala. This is a best resort to chilly yourself in a very calm way. The accommodation given here is so amazing in a way that you are going to enjoy every part of it. The ponds, the massage, the massage you get here is so awesome. They welcome the guests with the note ‘please leave your world here’ which is so amazing like leave out the stress down and enjoy the life. Do make yourself to get a Kerala trip with this place.

Ananda Spa

Ananda spa is located in the well-known place for yoga, Himalayas. The accommodation and the service that they provide here is the best; best means yes really it is the best. You are going to get the most relaxing and comfy bed and couch, the dong bell to call your helps. The interesting part about Ananda is that you can customise your bath; yes they do have many options for your bath in a comfortable bath tub. If you need a relaxing place to go for in Himalayas, then this is going to be the best part in it.

Hope you have already prepared your yogic travel bucket list but still you get a new idea after these. So, soon book your resorts, leave your stress down in your work place, pack your things and go to these places and treat yourself.


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