7 Best Beach Clubs in Bali- Heaven on Earth


Have you ever slouched beside a white sanded beach, siping into your favorite designer cocktail and made your toes giggle while touching the glittering infinity pool? If yes, you’re lucky enough. If not, well, it’s time to get lucky on the island of the Gods’- Bali. Starting from the infinity pools of cliff scenes in Uluwatu where you can defy the gravity, to the design of bleeding-edge of the Potato Head at Seminyak, followed by the bamboo surf-side lounges at an arm’s length of Canggu or the Jungle Club in Ubud- Bali owns more than enough to set feet on the expectations of all age groups, tastes, and occasions. We have cherry-picked the 7 best beach clubs in Bali that you must add to your Bali bucket list.

No matter whether you want to party throughout the day, or settle in for lunch with family, or just sip your drink during the happy hours- You ask for it, and Bali will give it to you. So without wasting another minute, check out our list of the best beach clubs in Bali. 

The Lawn

This one is a small but firmly placed beach club on the white sand at the Batu Bolong surf spot shore. While lazing around, you will certainly hear the yacht rock or chilled Afrobeat. As soon as you take the first sip of your cocktail, you can feel the unprocessed taste of local ingredients because these drinks are completely homemade.

Potato Head Beach Club

Potato head is a giant amphitheater that is built from the reclaimed wood and brushed concrete. This amphitheater is nestled in the home of tropical modernism or Bali. A number of daybeds are there surrounding the infinity pool, three restaurants, a swim-up bar- as a whole; Potato Head is the center of the creative scenes of the island. Alongside this, you will see different film screenings, world-famous DJs on the floor and cultural conventions. The club and coffee bars or boutiques will treat you with a jaw-dropping experience.

Karma Beach Club

The X factor of Karma begins with a cable car that runs from the cliffs and crosses through the stunning blue lagoon with a white sanded beautiful beach. The club resides in a cove covered by jungle. Since the ambiance is romantic and feels intimate, you can go on a date. Wake up early to snag a cabana, pose for a goofy picture in the cave, or keep kayaking around the corals at low tide. Finally, at dawn, settle down on a beanbag to watch a movie on the beach. 

Sundays Beach Club 

The tale begins even before you reach the beach because the entrance to Sundays is via the Ungasan resort where you will have an outstanding ride down the jungle-covered cliffs that are backdropped by the turquoise water of the lagoon. You will have to pay $25 at the entrance to get drink credits after that sit back and sip or swim- spend a beautiful day at the most attractive beach of Bali.

Single Fin

This club started its journey in 2007. Since then, this 20,000 square ft party place has entertained many visitors. You really can’t say you have seen all of Bali until you’ve swum or surfed through the tidal cove of Uluwatu. After your tiring day, see the setting sun in the lap of the Indian Ocean from the biggest balcony of Bali.

Old Man’s 

This one is an informal beer garden perched in the Batu Bolong surf break. Over the past two decades, ‘Old Man’s’ has been a major part of the Canggu institution. Though this place is a bit scruffy, especially the edges are more scruffy compared to the new peers, Old Man’s still draws a number of cool folks. During the happy hours, you may confuse this place with any of those shiny and posh clubs. You can just go there anytime between 5-6 p.m and have your favourite shots or cocktail as all drinks buy one get one free at the happy hours. 

Ulu Cliffhouse

The modernist lines build a stunning cliff-side frame at the Ulu Cliffhouse. This place is not buttoned up but a grown-up Uluwatu hotspot. While partying here, you will be at a 100 feet up distance from the sea level. You can chill throughout the day, lounge around the pool, or just soak up the views. If you prefer a more vantage point, visit the newly opened deck, set your steps below the rocky promontory, and dip your toe in the vast Indian Ocean.

Excited to go on a Bali trip? Get in touch with our Pickyourtrail trip planner and customize your Bali tour package as per your tastes & preferences. Sit by these relaxing beach clubs and spend a laid back vacation. So get ready and don’t forget to pack your bags with your favourite pair of shorts or a bikini! 


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