10 Outrageous Things you’ll Only see In Dubai


Starting from million-dollar police supercars and gold dispensing ATMs to free food and exotic pets we take a look at ten outrageous things you will only see in Dubai.

10: Exotic Police Cars

Exotic police cars when it comes to showing off how much money you have no one does it better than Dubai. The city’s police force is no exception have you ever wondered what kind of cars are used to patrol one of the wealthiest cities in the world. The police department has dished out a whopping six point five million dollars on a new not to mention an insanely awesome fleet of exotic patrol cars including a Lamborghini Ferrari and a Bugatti Veyron which alone has a price tag of over 1 million dollars.

9: Gold ATMs

Gold ATMs German companies got you covered with a shining new invention the goal to go the machine. The first-ever gold vending machine found in a Dubai Mall guarded by armored guards this glittery ATM spits out 24 karat gold in 320 different forms from gold bars and coins to wearable jewelry. All in varying weights the customer simply has to operate a touch screen to make his or her selection pay with cash or credit and watch the gold pop out of the machine packaged in a sweet-looking black case.

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8: Shark slide

Shark slide you can always count on Dubai to go big where entertainment is concerned the imposing ancient Mesopotamia most Isle pyramid to shoot down the scariest ride in Dubai. The ride starts with a practically vertical drop of almost 30 meters survive that and you’ll find yourself skidding through a clear acrylic tunnel and coming face-to-face with a tank full of sharks only in Dubai would something like this seem a good idea.

7: Diamond cell phones

Diamond cell phones living in Dubai is all about the glitz and glamour so why not own a diamond-encrusted phone priced at a whopping 130 thousand dollars. Do think again the best quality cell phones in Dubai consists of white gold that weighs 18 carats or more. When you’re making a call to the pilot to pull up your private jet, of course, you need to do it in style.

6: Gold Supercars

Gold supercars with the amount of extravagance in Dubai it comes as no surprise that the billionaire oil tycoons and their offspring are now painting their exotic cars in gold. There’s no better way to show everyone your success in life by wrapping your million-dollar supercar in gold flaunting like this in just about every other country would come across as arrogance although in Dubai this is almost considered the norm.

5:  Beach-side Camel Ride

Beach-side camel ride spending more than an hour on a Camelback can leave many people feeling queasy. The solution to this simple bring the camels into the city and onto the nearby beaches in any other country you’d probably be riding a horse but of course, once again Dubai does it differently riding a camel on the beach in Dubai is regarded as one of the top ten things to do.

4: Free Food

Free food when you think of Dubai you probably think of extravagant clothing cars and buildings although like every city in the world. Dubai also has a lot of people with less a few companies within the UAE who have set up a service in one or two stores providing free food for those people who have no money or who are unemployed. They rely on the honesty system and request each person takes just one piece of food at a time.

3:  Abandoned Supercars

Abandoned supercars the United Arab Emirates is one of the richest countries in the Middle East. Despite the recent financial crisis in the falling price of oil the country’s economy still remains strong. However, like any other modern country, the UAE has its fair share of problems one of the UAEs’ most bizarre problems. Specifically, in the city of Dubai is the problem of high-end luxury cars being frequently abandoned in local airports and parking lots.

2: Exotic Pets

Exotic pets although police in Dubai have issued a warning stating that it’s illegal to own or transport wild animals. Specifically, lions and tigers these warnings have gone on deaf ears as keeping wildlife as pets remains a major status symbol in the UAE. Especially, in Dubai despite efforts by government officials and animal protection organizations to stop the band and dangerous practice many people in Dubai. These peoples are often seen traveling down the highway with big cats in their vehicles which in the past has shocked the rest of the world

1: Super Car Traffic Jams

Super car traffic jams we’ve all seen the average traffic jam consisting of normal boring cars and trucks in Dubai. It’s a totally different story often when there are lots of cars on the road they are exotic super cars worth tens of millions of dollars. Most of the time this is because the billionaire Playboy’s of Dubai tend to meet up regularly for cruises to show off their beautiful cars only in Dubai would blocking the highway like this with supercars make sense.


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