When to do Everest 3 Passes Trek

When to do Everest 3 passes trek

How to get There?

Trek for the three passes trek in the Everest region of the country or a Khumbu region which is also typically started from the Lukla. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes of flight from Kathmandu. If you really want to enjoy the three passes trek and have a bit more time then there will be a couple of alternatives to trek in the trails heads that help you upgrade the number of trekking days in the lower part of Khumbu in Nepal.

There is also a small airport in the region of the Phaplu which helps to add the days of four days of trekking activities and also a trail head to the end of the path in the destination of Jiri that also adds about the time of seven days. 

Required Regulations and Permits 

Trekking in the Everest region of the country you need to make different papers and permits that will help you to enter inside the Sagarmatha region. You must have a TIMS permit or a card for the entry to Sagarmatha National park as TIMS costs $10 USD Aand permit costs $30 USD.

If you are planning trekking activities through the help of any trekking agency in the different places of Kathmandu valley, then they will easily help you to have a permit and TIMS these days. But if you are also arranging the trek alone you need to collect your TIMS permit in Capital and trek to the Sagarmatha region permit in the Manjo is the checkpoint village that you need to pass through for the Khumbu region of the trek. 

Time to do Three Passes Trek

Trekking to the Everest region is so much challenging and adventure and it is also a big advise for all the trekkers to make avoid to the winter season. In the same way, we can also trek for the summer during the time of the monsoon season of the country in the summer. The main month of Feb to May and Sept to October that also the driest weather and most stable situation for the trek in the Everest region of the country. 

In this region, most of the trekking activities are done every year as domestic and international tourism. It is more done in the best season that is allocated every year in Nepal. The trail in the different seasons of the trekking in monsoon season or at times of rainstorm from June to August which is particularly unsafe and slippery along on various landscapes that are also hidden in the place of the thick mists. Likewise in the winter season at the month of December to February is also greatly a frosty along in value of low compensation due to the light of the snowfall in this region.  

It is the most different thing if a chilly cold that does not bother than in the situation of the trekking of the season of winter which is also obviously possible in nature. In the springtime from the march to May and the autumn from the month of September to November that is also considered as one of the most ideal periods to make encounter in the Everest 3 passes trek. Good temperature situation and most deserving or rewarding climatic condition that is also in terms of spring to Autumn climate as in the trekking period in the Khumbu region of the country.


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