Useful Tips for a Disneyland Trip This Year!


Life never seems to be perfect until you visit Disneyland. It undoubtedly has become a perfect holiday spot due to its mesmerizing environment. You might have to deal with very hot days and huge crowds, but what matters at the end, is the true essence of this beautiful place. Below a few travel tips to make it easier for you to plan this vacation.

Are you looking for the best time to visit Disneyland? Well, we can never quote a specified time to visit it, as it entirely depends upon the preferences of the visitors along with various factors that can greatly influence their trip. 

If you do not like crowds and want to visit Disney during the peaceful days, you must consider planning a trip in midweek of February, but keep in mind you have to compromise on the fireworks as it is not displayed during the off-season. Also, a few rides might be closed. If you want to thoroughly enjoy your Disneyland tour, then you must plan a trip in summer as the days will be longer and you will be able to enjoy all the rides, fireworks and nighttime shows.

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According to seasoned travellers, summer is the ideal time to visit Disneyland. The Disneyland hours are longest during the summers, meaning you will have many hours every day to have fun, plan recreational activities and rides. All rides are fully operational after maintenance; hence you can never miss your favourite rides. Amid all fun, keep in mind you have to bear melting heat, crowded hotels with the highest fares, ultimately adding considerable cost to your overall trip budget.

Disneyland Travel Tips
Disneyland Travel Tips

Which is the best day to do Disneyland?

 When you don’t like huge crowds, you must consider visiting this beautiful place in the midweek during the off-season. You can have a great time in Disneyland along with your friends and family members when there are a few people around. January to March is off-season in Disneyland. You will come across fewest tourists these days. In these months, it only sees crowds during holiday weekends.

Please keep in mind that there are a few disadvantages to visit Disneyland during the off-season. Due to shorter days, you will have a few hours to have fun. Due to upgrades or maintenance, a few rides may not be operational and due to lesser crowds, a few nighttime shows might not be performed.

Which is the peak season at Disneyland?

Disneyland is considered to be the world’s second-best theme park.  About 18 million tourists visit there every year.  During the big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year, it becomes so much packed with visitors that sometimes the gates are closed due to security reasons. If you are looking for a peaceful Disneyland tour without surrounded by lots of people, then you should plan a trip during these months:

  • The first week January – February’s midweek
  • Third Tuesday in February – mid of March, until the beginning of spring breaks in European schools
  • April’s midweek – third week of May
  • September’s first Tuesday – beginning of October
  • Novembers second week


The weather is very pleasant in January. It is the best time for those who do not enjoy in dense crowds. Still, you will have to compromise over the park hours as they are shortened due to off-season.


The quietest month in Disneyland is considered to be February, but still, it offers great fun for the visitors. Park timings are shortened during this month, but many people prefer visiting it due to small crowds. Also, you never have to wait for the rides. Doesn’t it sound great?


For those looking for ultimate convenience and peace, early March will be the ideal time for a Disneyland tour. However, the crowd size starts growing after mid-March due to spring breaks in European schools.


Due to spring break, April is regarded among the peak season at Disneyland.


All upgrades and maintenance work is ensured to be completed until this month when the summer breaks are around the corner. Due to Memorial Day Weekend, Disneyland experience one of the huge crowds. Do not plan a trip on that weekend, especially when you have small children.


The summer is officially kicked off at the beginning of June at Disneyland. The park is operated for long hours during this month. Rides, parades, nighttime shows, and fireworks are in full swing during these days.


It is regarded as one of the most crowded and peak month at Disneyland.


This is the hottest month at Disneyland and is seen to be fully packed with visitors. Due to larger crowds, the parking hours are extended to 13-16 hours during August.


You will experience lesser crowds, shorter waiting queues for the rides during September at Disneyland. Above all, the weather is also very pleasant in this month.


The Halloween celebrations are carried out during the entire month at Disneyland. You can have great fun during this time of year.


The place sees fewer crowds during the early November days, but right after Thanksgiving, it starts getting packed, as the holiday season draws closer.


During this month you can enjoy beautiful decorations, special parades, extended fireworks, surprise Santa appearances as part of Christmas celebrations. Disneyland is the best place for true fun lovers in December.

Does Disneyland tour in your plans this year? Great, plan your trip appropriately to thoroughly enjoy it. Make sure to book your parking slot with an authenticated and reliable airport parking Gatwick service in advance to get rid of any last-minute troubles.


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