Couchsurfing in Marrakech for the First Time


It was my first solo backpack experience and I Couchsurfed in Morocco would you believe? Yes, it was very safe and amazing. Although a strange decision from my end because I’m an extremely introvert person and don’t move in my town other than to go office or shop for the groceries. It was just a dull pattern of life I was going through and for all these social practices, I didn’t try to trust people around. I don’t know how then I approached a Couchsurfing application and looked into all the profiles and the stories and decided to experience.

Fatema, A Courteous Friend From Marrakech

I thought to go to Marrakech as it was easy to go there for me being European. A couch-surfer named Fatema was the match I found who could host me there. She was having a positive profile having so many experiences of hosting and being hosted. On the very next day, she accepted my request and we finally settled a trip which she was to host.

I Flocked to Marrakech and Get Surprised

I booked a nominal flight which had to reach Marrakech in the noon. Conveyed it to my Host Fatema in advance and set out for the very strange journey having a lot of fears and excitement at the same time. Luckily, I could find a trustworthy friend who picked me up from the Marrakech Menara Airport, she was waiting for my flight. Fatema told me when we were talking on CS that she is living here with her Mom and dad and she studies philosophy in the university. She once visited Italy for the same reason in CS but had not so good experience there she told.

We Reached Home, that was Like Heaven to Me

We reached home which was near the old city, only 3 kilometers. Her home was just heaven for me as I was hell tired of traveling and not so comfortable though, I was scared too! Being scary also makes you hectic. At some moment, I was realizing that I made a wrong decision and I would have to face the worse for this. But my thoughts after reaching the airport and then to Fatema’s home just changed.

Her mother welcomed me with a welcoming hug and I first time realized that Moroccan women have something which is called the real beauty in the world. Well, I’ve been served with the normal vegetable dish there as I told my friend before that I like vegetables more. Fatema and I talked a little and I went to sleep for at least four to five hours.

Roaming in Souks of Medina

On awakening, we have two choices, either having dinner at home or go outside, exploring and eating in Bazaars of the old city. Fatema introduced me to the small jewelry shops in the old city where I bought some earrings and a beautiful artificial diamond necklace. The old side of a city be called Medina Fatema taught me. It was an amazing experience to feel like in old times roaming in the alleyways of old Medina Marrakech.

We Were Not So Late For Djema el Fna

It was not right but Fatema didn’t allow me to spend my own savings which i was having for my trip, of course, she is so kind. We had a very short time to get to Djema el Fna, the very famous Bazaar of Marrakech where tourists choose to must visit and explore the charms of Marrakech. From Djema el Fna we had B’stilla from a renowned food stall and that was enough for us for the night meal, Must try B’stilla when in Morocco, it is a delicious traditional dish Fatema said. I shopped here some jewelry and clothes, I could gather a lot of joys in Djema el Fna. That was amazing.

We reached home and got busy gossiping. Fatema’s father is a clerk in a government office, the mother is a housewife who can make delicious foods and skills of making the textile art-crafts. She was employed in a textile firm when she was perfect, now suffering from Diabetes and stay at home most of the time. I went to sleep, before that we decided to go to the private Hammam in the morning to have a fresh Moroccan Bath.

The Traditional Hammam Experience

It was an amazing experience to get the fresh effects of traditional warm showers in Morocco, it is a tradition on Morocco I don’t know its history, but an amazing one. It was not as simple as I expected. It was a calm and friendly place reserved for the women in the Gueliz area of Marrakech. I got a shower in the traditional Moroccan Hammam, with the nice hair treatment, nails and got a very soothing massage there. What I could feel, can’t share in words, that was amazing.

Fatema’s Mom Served Us With Traditional Tajine

We went back home and got ready to move to the other places we planned to visit in Marrakech. We visited the Museums and the other historical places deserved to be visited. After getting home, Fatema’s mom served us with the traditional dish of Morocco, the “Tajine”. I only heard about this there and now could taste, it was tasty, along with the other two dishes, the meal was wonderful and I couldn’t expect this all as a couch-surf trip with strangers, Fatema and her mom dad behaved like a family, so loving and so caring.

Thank you, Couchsurfing!

I had to go back to Morning’s flight, Fatema Dropped me to the airport and I welcomed her to my home which she agreed to. Now writing to you those moments, I just cant come out of those memories but yes, Thanks Couchsurfing for giving me such a nice collection of memories.


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