Cheapest Time to Travel to Europe


The price of travel to Europe depends on the season, the winter is the “low” season and the cheapest travel time, and the summer is the “high” season where airline tickets and hotels are very high. Perfect timing to travel to Europe is the most important factor so that you can make your tour affordable. When to buy a ticket or package and which days of the week to fly read this blog and reveals many tips and ideas which will help you in making your Europe trip more interesting and budget friendly.

Off-peak trips to Europe usually begin in November and continue until the end of March. During this off-season, travelers may find the cheapest price on a ticket, hotel, vacation package or tour, but keep in mind that there are some restricted dates during the holidays. Autumn and spring are considered to be “shoulder” seasons, with some good value for European travel and less restrictions or concerns about winter weather travel. Summer is the peak season, fares and hotel prices are at their peak.

Cheapest Time to Buy

Prices have changed at the end of the season, so start looking for European autumn and winter prices around August and September. In general, it is necessary to book popular destinations one or two months in advance, but usually only certain Internet sales can only last for a few days, so please register email alerts from major international airlines and travel websites. If you receive an offer in an email alert, please book now as these are limited and will soon be sold out.

Cheapest Travel Days

Off-peak travel dates are the best way to find the cheapest airfare or package, so use Off-peak date search options on tickets selling sites. The day of the week is often a factor, and Tuesday and Wednesday have always been the cheapest days of travel. In addition, although traveling during the holiday season may be more expensive, if you travel on an actual holiday, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, you may find a good deal.Cheapest Destinations

Avoid going to destinations during special events, such as visiting France during the Tour de France, going to Munich during the Oktoberfest, or visiting the countries hosting the Olympics. Hotel prices and airfare prices will be raised to the maximum during national special events. With several cheap domestic airlines and an efficient rail system in Europe, consider taking one of these methods to fly to a cheaper destination and head to your destination. For example, fares to London are usually one of the lowest fares in Europe, but you can connect directly to a local airline from a major London airport or take a “tunnel train” to Paris or Brussels.


During the off-peak travel season in Europe, including Christmas and New Year, there are several restrictions on the date. Also, be sure to check that all taxes, fees and fuel surcharges are included in the pricing. These can add up to a few hundred dollars in total price, so that cheap fares or packages are not really bargaining at all. If you travel to Europe during the winter, you may experience weather delays at the departure gate and in Europe, so it may be a good idea to purchase a travel insurance policy that covers additional delays.


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